Attends and the Environment

The business research and consultant firm Frost & Sullivan has rewarded Attends with the “2012 European Incontinence Care Green Excellence Award”. The Award has been granted based on improvements and commitments Attends has shown in the areas of 1) research and raw materials, 2) production, 3) packaging and transport, and 4) the commitment to green initiatives like the “2°C Challenge Communiqué”.
For reading the complete Frost & Sullivan Motivation, please click on the link below:
2012 European Incontinence Care Green Excellence Award (.pdf)

Now also available in Swedish: Summary of the research results and full report of the environmental and cost effect of Cover-Dri versus washable bed pads.

 What we have achieved so far:

Product Innovation resulting in 75% less trim, 16% less oil-derived raw materials and 43% wood-derived raw materials
Optimising the heating of the production plant which reduced the oil consumption and CO2 emissions have decreased from 2700 to 900 tonnes between 2004 and 2011
• Extensive recycling program resulting in approximately 60% of the total waste currently goes to various forms of recycling

The Challenge

'Climate Change' or 'Global Warming' has emerged as a major challenge for society to overcome and no-one is removed from the possible effects.

Attends agrees with the view that it is only by changing the way the world's population behaves and consumes resources that a solution will be found. Whether acting as an individual, a business or a member of a community, it is important we work together to contain and limit any detrimental effects of our actions.

 For our part, we believe this means being committed to responsible and diligent interaction with the environment, continuously improving efficiency in energy and resource use, and assessing our operational performance against its impact. We also believe we have a responsibility to provide products with outstanding performance that are manufactured in a way which combines innovation with environmental stewardship.

We believe that by both improving our own performance and helping others to improve their performance in terms of the environment we can play our role in making a contribution to this challenge.

Our Vision


It is widely acknowledged that the future of the environment is still at stake. We continue to factor a green agenda into the thought process of the conception and development of our products.

The Attends vision is not only to become a sustainable company but to work positively to go one step further in contributing to environmental benefits and best practice within our industry. As a business, we further recognise the extent of wider global and climate change problem, and how we can make a contribution to solutions as they are proposed by ensuring the way we work is aligned to helping to tackle these global challenges.

 Whilst we had already achieved ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 manufacturing standards and implemented an Environmental Management System to manage our interaction with the environment, we wanted to do more.

As you will learn, we have taken considerable steps forward to create products which provide state of the art performance whilst significantly improving efficiencies in manufacture and energy use.

We have engaged, and will continue to involve, employees, partners, customers, consumers, and friends in this process to enable the sharing of best practice and mutual learning resulting in, we believe, a far more impactful and productive initiative with greater and quicker progress towards our goal.

In Attends

What are we currently doing and what more can we do to achieve our vision?

Attends continually strives to be environmentally and ecologically responsible by improving the design and manufacture of our products, increasing both their quality and the efficiency of the manufacturing process through innovation and attention to detail. This has led to the implementation of a number of key measures, which you can explore through the menu on the lefthand side of the website.

In addition we have formulated an initiative - Attends: In Green - that further defines our commitment to search for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our products and set targets to improve the areas where we could do better. Working on a cross-functional basis, and with external representatives, this programme challenges everyone in the business to continuously improve their impact upon the environment.

We have listened to the views of the people we work with, and examined what views others outside our industry have done and what they are doing in respect of sustainability and environmental stewardship. It is from this base that we are able to work towards our vision.

Working Together

We believe that a positive result can be achieved through mutual collaboration and the sharing of best practice, whether this is us learning from our partners or us helping them do better in terms of their environmental impact.

For example, we held Environmental workshop as part of a special customer day during the last few years. This workshop followed inclusion of an Environmental element in the independent Market Research we undertook with our customers in 2008, and our attendance at the 2008 National Sustainable Procurement Conference where we were the only manufacturer represented.

 In the workshop sessions we shared information about the context of the global climate challenge, why we felt it important to respond, and what we were doing in order to respond to the challenge. We also discussed exemplars of environmental best practice from other industries and looked at their approaches.

 Following on from these workshops we are establishing external Environmental Groups comprising customers and people from other organizations to examine the progress we are making, share ideas and understanding, and continually evolve our response.

If you would like to get involved in any of our environmental working groups or workshops, please Contact Us.

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